Luxury strikes - Anjuny- Fantasy Crystal car to seeing you at the 2010 Chengdu Auto Show to congratulate An Chengrong for the 2010 international automotive design aesthetic Award An Chenggong Division planned and organized "aesthetic Anjuny- lucky 2010!" The lucky constellation spree promotional activities, a unified national Thanksgiving feedback promotional price of 118 yuan. Aesthetic Anjuny-, one beautiful car design awards celebrate the Anjuny-security process product style, style Ancheng Xing Yun Constellation; lucky 2010 "should be combined this year the Year. Each set inclusive of an outlet fragrance products for the non-slip pad +1 +1 block multi-function keychain Ancheng Xing Yun Constellation outlet fragrance spree; activities during each item comes with "aesthetic Anjuny- lucky 2010" promotion Poster 2, 120 sets gift, Anjuny- T-shint, ANJUNY, while stocks last. Time: August 31. Limit during Supply, Inc. All rights reserved.