TEVOZI Introduction
Tevozi is Anjuny and International institute for research and development of the great peak with great concentration, the five limit type reverse technology, challenges scientific research limits, build the perfect Car floor mat material.

Ultimate subversion 1: ultrafine Anjuny original transformational innovation of environmental protection materials, unlike traditional high-tech materials,tevozi filar silk quality culminating in perfect state, such as hair, tactility admirable, amount of MATS products constitute a real lighter, more fashionable feeling.

Ultimate subversion 2: super toughening twips silk toughening such as wire, pull out silk, this makes the floor mat better, more wear-resistant, higher tensile strength, tension wire spring ensures the super memory function recovery.

Ultimate subversion 3: super soft tewozi silk feels very soft, delicate, such as cotton, exclusive developed the core technology to make it comfortable, luxuriant upgrade protection degree, flexible pavement can have excellent ductility, meet the perfect joint degrees of floor mats. Ultimate subversion 4: super together with wave beam wire circle shape structure, the special formulation of technology makes it coiled in unprecedented neat, have extremely strong function of shelter evil people and practices, and easy to clean, easy to do, the environmental protection net.

Ultimate subversion 5: cool tewozi silk lapping multicolor dazzle colour, bright colour and lustre is full! Style diversity, meet the demand of car space of rich, creating outstanding car brigade, enjoy life!